Abby De Zeeuw, CPA, MBAPartner

Abby is passionate about the mutual insurance industry. She sees first hand the value that the mutual insurance industry brings to our economy and how consumers benefit from the mutual model of insurance. Abby joined Cain Ellsworth in 2001 and leads our property and casualty insurance team. She spends her days working with our various insurance clients: helping them find effective solutions to solve their business issues. Abby’s area of expertise and focus includes, assurance, regulatory, tax compliance, and business consulting services. She is a member of the Rock Valley Kiwanis and is an advocate and supporter of adoption, believing that every child deserves to have a loving family. Abby and her husband, Stan, have four children.

Degrees: BA Accounting & Business Administration, Northwestern College, 2001; MBA, University of Sioux Falls, 2008

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