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“When you succeed, don’t forget the responsibility of making someone else succeed with you.” – Antonia Novello

Almost without exception, the opportunities we have in our careers come because of or through other people.  Most doors that open are opened by someone other than ourselves.  Yes, we still have to work hard, etc., but I don’t really know anyone with a successful career who wasn’t helped along or given an extraordinary opportunity by someone else.

So, when we get to a point in our careers where we’re successful (the definition of “success” can wait for another day), it’s important that we don’t forget the helping hands that were extended to us.  It’s important to make sure we help those coming up behind us.

Think about what you’re doing to help the careers/jobs/lives of others, particularly (although not necessarily exclusively) within your organization.  For purposes of this blog, think about one person in particular who you might help grow within your business.  What might that individual need from you?

Think about that person’s strengths.  What are they really good at?  Do they know it?  Do they really understand their strengths?  How might you as a leader put them in a position to use those strengths on a more regular basis?

One of the most important things we all need as we go through our lives & careers is constructive feedback.  Where does that person you’re thinking of have blind spots?  What are they not seeing in themselves, good or bad, that they need to know about?  What have you noticed about them or their role that they would benefit from knowing?

It’s important for us as leaders, not to mention for the organizations we lead, that we are continually looking for ways to help people grow.  We need to build up others the way we were built up.  Others have opened doors for us and pushed us up the stairs.  Now it’s our turn.

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  • Dan LaRock

    Truth today. Lifting others to help them succeed is one of the most rewarding aspects of my work. ◡̈

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