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“Above all, don’t fear difficult moments.  The best comes from them.” – Rita Levi-Montalcini

We certainly are not living in easy times.  The past few months have seemed like a constant parade of difficult decisions and situations.  While some of us are starting to move into a new “normal”, it’s still not easy to navigate.

I’ve heard a lot of leaders complain about their current situation, and how difficult it is, and how many challenges they’re facing.  My response to that has generally been something to the effect of, “Congratulations, now you can finally earn your paycheck.”

Certainly nobody would wish for the situation we’re in now.  Real people are experiencing real suffering, and much of that suffering goes far beyond our businesses.  But being in this situation as a leader isn’t something to be afraid of.  It’s an opportunity.

When we discuss historical figures who’ve accomplished great things, those great things are almost always set against a backdrop of great challenges.  When we celebrate sports figures who’ve accomplished great things, those great things almost always happened in big games, or championship situations when everything was at stake.

Your best as a leader cannot happen in easy situations.  It cannot happen when nothing is happening.  It cannot happen when you’re not challenged.  Your best as a leader only happens when things are difficult, when you’re faced with what feels like an avalanche, when you’re stretched further than you think you can be.

Situations like we’re in now are not “good” situations, but within the struggles are opportunities.  One of the opportunities for you as a leader is to perform at a higher level than you ever have before, to grow like you never have before, to have a bigger impact than you ever have before.

Don’t run from it.  Go be your best.

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  • ary

    everything Matt writes is fantastic but this time he exceeded …congratulations for this article Matt

    • Matt Heemstra

      Thanks Ary – very humbling.

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