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“If you can stand in space for just a little while, a new door will open, or you’ll be able to see in the dark after a while.  You’ll adjust.” – Jane Campion

If you’re currently leading an organization, anywhere in the world, you’re dealing with things you’ve never dealt with before.  You’re experiencing things that you haven’t experienced before, or probably even dreamed of.  Right now it can feel like you’re running full speed through the woods alongside a cliff while blindfolded.

Neither I nor anyone else can predict the future in detail, or give you a timeline for when the blindfold will come off.  But it will come off eventually.  Maybe right this minute you’re still head down in the trauma of trying to make a payroll, or worrying about paying rent, or worse, dealing with health issues for you or your family.  You need to be focused on those things right now.

Just remember that at some point we will come out the other side of this.  And we do need to be ready for that.  At some point we’ll settle into a “normal”, and it won’t feel like one potential disaster after another.

So while you’re fighting what feels like an uphill battle all day every day, be aware and looking for that point when you have time to breathe.  When it’s no longer just about survival.  Then stop and think – what does the next chapter need to look like?  What do we need to change so that we come out of this better than ever before?  What do we need to be for the future?

That maybe seems like a ways off right now, but it will happen.  When it does, be ready.  It’s the next step for you as a leader, and it will be a huge opportunity.  Good luck this week & stay safe.

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