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“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” – Nelson Mandela

I had a meeting recently with a client who made me feel bad about myself. I won’t share every detail, but the summary would be this: if the things you fill your life with are things you’re passionate about, then you’ll have the energy to fill your life with more things.

One of the most critical of our possessions is energy. We don’t have an unlimited amount, yet unfortunately we allow things – or people – to take it from us on a regular basis. Then we see people like the client I mentioned above who seem to have enough energy for 10 people and we can’t figure out how they do it.

There are lots of factors, but to me the biggest is this: the things you’re passionate about give you energy. They don’t take it away. When you’re done doing them, no matter how difficult, no matter how intense, no matter how challenging, you feel energized, not exhausted. You’re ready for more, even though it seems like you should be ready for a nap.

If you want a life that’s energizing, that gives you the boost you need, then you need that passion. You need to feel like what you’re doing is fulfilling your purpose, it’s what you were put on earth to do, it’s helping you be as great as you can be.

So take some time and think about what you’re doing with your life. Is it your purpose? Are you really passionate about it? Or is it just a job? Is it just what you’re doing because it’s safe, or it’s what others expect from you, or it’s what you think you’re supposed to do? Make a point to seek out that thing you’re passionate about and build your everything around it.

One more thing: Until you figure out what that passion is, guess what – you can choose to be passionate about what you’re doing right now. Choose to be engaged, choose to be energized, choose to feel like on this particular day, you’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to do. Maybe down the road you’ll figure out something else, and that’s great. But for now, be where you are, and be fired up about it.

You weren’t put here to be mediocre. Don’t let a lack of passion keep you from the life that’s waiting for you.

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