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“To do anything in this world worth doing, we must not stand back shivering and thinking of the cold and danger, but jump in and scramble through as well as we can.” – Sydney Smith

I think it’s fear of the unknown that stops us. We’d rather have the unpleasant reality that we’re familiar with than the unknown that we’re not, even if we think the unknown might be better. So we come up to barriers and challenges in our lives and our businesses and we back away from them because, as unhappy as we are, we’re comfortable with that unhappiness. It’s familiar and less scary than that unknown change.

Of course the problem is that we’re missing out on a life full of happiness and success and growth and energy. And usually we know it – it’s just the perceived pain of running through the barrier to the hazy future beyond that holds us back.

There is no perfect solution for that fear. It’s human nature. The closest thing to solving it that I’ve found is this: eliminate the hazy part of the future. Take some time and really think through what things will look like when you make it there. Think about it, talk about it, draw it – whatever it takes for you to be able to see in your mind how great it will be once you’re through the barrier.

Think about what will change and why that change will be better. Think about everything you’ll have that you don’t have now. And think about the frustration that you’re dealing with now that will go away. Once you force yourself to move forward you’ll look back and wonder what took you so long.

Look around. What barriers or challenges are you backing away from? What difficulties are you refusing to deal with? What problems are consuming your time and energy – even though you know exactly how to get rid of them?

It’s time to move. You’ve put it off long enough. You’ve endured unnecessary stress, anxiety, and who knows what else. It’s time – push yourself through today.

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  • Dave Van Essen

    Thanks for the post Matt. Appreciate the extra motivation to push through today. Have a great week!

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