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We talk a lot in this blog about getting stuff done, and why it’s so hard.  We try and offer ideas and solutions  to help you improve.  But for a big chunk of the population, the inability to change still comes back to one simple thing: a lack of dissatisfaction.

For a lot of people, trying to create dissatisfaction means trying to create fear & stress.  “We have to change or we won’t survive”, “We’ll never be able to compete in today’s marketplace if we don’t do something different”, and so on.  While that kind of thinking will create dissatisfaction in the short run, is it sustainable?  Can you really create a culture of continuous improvement and change by trying to constantly scare people into it?  It might make a few things happen today, but in the long run I think it does more harm than good.

I think the key to creating productive, healthy, organization-changing dissatisfaction is being able to paint a picture for people of what could be.  And the ‘could be’ can’t just be about money & profit.  People are motivated by images (these guys agree) and $$ doesn’t create the picture people need to get moving.

What does your picture look like?  Can you visualize what you want your organization be in the future?  Sit at your desk with your eyes closed and picture what you want.  It’s not easy; in reality most people really aren’t sure what they want.  If you can’t picture it, I guarantee nobody else in your business can.

Now think about that picture in your head:  Can you explain it to others?  And can you do it in a way that they’ll see what’s in it for them?  Practice makes perfect, so practice sharing that vision.  Call someone in your peer group and run it by them.  See what kind of feedback you get.  You don’t have to be perfect the first time, but being able to communicate a compelling and motivating vision is one of your key roles as a leader.  Work at it.

What kind of dissatisfaction have you been trying to create?  If it’s negative only, it’s time for a change.  If you aren’t trying to create dissatisfaction within your organization, wake up and get started.  It’s only one of the most important things you’ll ever do.     



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