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We are pleased to announce the release of Version 2 of our online Growth and Profit Solutions (GPS) diagnostic.  The online assessment will help you identify your Top 3 Business Growth and Profit issues, assess their financial impact, and develop strategies to address each of them. Over the last three months, hundreds of global business leaders have completed Version 1 of this diagnostic with the results showing that the biggest growth and profit and personal development barriers are:

Business Growth and Profit Barriers:

  • Profit
  • People/Team
  • Technology

Personal Development Barriers:

  • Life Balance
  • Time Management
  • Health

How do these compare to your key issues for 2011/2012?  Complete the diagnostic and discover for yourself.

Online Business Diagnostic
We would welcome the opportunity at the end of the diagnostic process to discuss your results and offer valuable suggestions on how to implement each strategy.  For more information, contact Mark or Matt at (712) 324-4614.

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